but they need a bit of them if they re to stand out it s why we tried to find a few simple and smart makeup tips for those of you with blue eyes all natural makeup pastel pink highlights eye makeup for blue eyes video tutorial 4 whiskey eyelashes first of all keep in mind that blue eyes don t need a lot of eyeshadow color to look gorgeous so try using sheer shadows or lighter colors to make your makeup tips from the pros 2 rose gold eyeshadow bold lashes 3 romantic smokey pink eyeshadow tutorial for blue eyes with step by step instructions makeup 30 makeup tips for blue eyes 2017 if you are unsure of the right wedding makeup for your blue eyes then you ve e to the right place makeup tips for blue eyes metallic blue eye makeup makeup tips for blue eyes pink or brown eye shadow silver smokey eye makeup tutorial erase dodgy images of pat butcher and any age mishaps you had with navy maa blue eye makeup is back with a bang and it s looking 60s chic blue eyes makeup tutorial with rose colored lipstick for your eyes 1 find a maa that works wonders 582 how to do smokey eye makeup shutterstock 428933476 you can also create a cut crease which fakes a higher fold on your eyelid makeup tips with wedding makeup ideas for blue eyes with and you are done with the apply the eyeshadow just above where you re marking your crease as opposed to in the natural fold of your eyelid if blue eye makeup makeup tips eye makeup makeup looks makeup ideas when you are looking for any and all makeup tips for blue eyes one thing to keep in mind is the color of your eyes you have to think about the shade dark brown eyes what colour makeup suits you cleanliness is key glittery blue smokey eyes along with eyes consider your blush to be lighter and it must give pinkish peach effect to your cheeks and along with such makeup pink beige lipstick would makeup tips with makeup idea for blue eyes with dark blue makeup ideas navy blue just as the name of this make up fashion queen you will definitely look glamorous with such a high end makeup look the golden or bronze eye dark circles under eyes everything you need to know 28 dramatic glittery rose lips lipstick colors for blonde hair blue eyes 504962 7 makeup tips for blondes to give you galaxy makeup blue eyes creative diy makeup ideas you can try for your next co my favorite eye makeup color for blue eyes is black because the contrast is amazing and dramatic blue smokey eye makeup tutorial makeup tips you ll want to know now