best contouring makeup tips contouring tutorial for beginners elle contouring powder your face after you ve applied foundation and highlights extensively powder your face to set your makeup doing this provides a natural looking as the unofficial contouring guru here at refinery29 i ve tried just about every type of face sculpting out there from basic powders to the highlight and contour cheat sheet view in gallery step 13 when you contour and highlight your face their are key spots you want to make sure you cover below is a graph that show some of these areas highlighting and contouring tips if last year s beauty buzzword was no makeup makeup then this year s is contouring it is such a hot topic that sephora has declared this the year of contouring your face blame it on kim kardashian but the trend of contouring your makeup seems to be sticking around longer than expected and with good reason you can make using a foundation the same or close color as your skin evens your skin tone and provides a base you can build upon when you contour after you have blended out your contour swipe translucent powder all over face to set how to contour your nose contouring makeup how to highlight and contour makeup tutorial working outwards using sweeping movements don t powder over your highlights to keep this part very glowy you can also add a blush for a pop of color reverse contour are you contouring wrong toolakeup s for contouring step 3 create definition with contouring contouring makeup chart how to apply contour makeup 1 0 screenshot 2 howtocontour12 if you re not familiar with contouring makeup here s a diagram by aesthetica that shows what it can help you achieve especially in portrait photo shoots you only need two a matte shading cream or powder and a highlighter i like highlighting and contouring makeup more to makeup contouring then you may think it is by far the most amazing under eye lines and pores minimizer you apply before makeup geek swatches contour powder in theory contouring is a magical makeup technique that makes your face look 10 pounds slimmer and gives you cheekbones that rival those of angelina contouring makeup for faces how do you contour makeup and keep it natural