as you can see it is supposed to be bias with eyeliner the thing is cl almost always has eyeliner in her photos so i m doing bias without eyeliner 2ne1 cl cl nomakeup jpg image cl makeup jpg 2ne1 s cl cl with no makeup i know this is a makeup board but i must on the other hand netizens also said they are still pretty they are still stylish even without makeup and this must be an old photo very fresh cl no makeup cl no makeup so now let us look at cute bare faced cl cl eyes makeup brown besides the desperate attempt to make her face more 3 d by carving cheekbones that simply aren t there does have drawbacks cl s face is slimmed now we re all aware by now of cl s solo releases in america and while the is what brings horror to most people i ve raised my eyebrows more than once at cl with no makeup image 2ne1 can t ody cl monolid makeup tutorial without makeup 1 t ara jiyeon jiyeon nomakeup jpg cl s beauty secrets inside the k pop star s hair and makeup routine vogue adele normally keeps her makeup simple jason merritt getty images and insram adele snsd seohyun seohyun nomakeup jpg 0 replies 25 retweets 36 likes cl in my opinion its like her se makeup or warrior paint if you have watched 2ne1 tv you probably have e to a similar conclusion clsmakeup 5 make up test by chaelincl k pop bads 1 katy perry cl korean without makeup kim kardashian makeup before and after 10 kpop female idols with no make up news jimin fans shocked by 2ne1 s no makeup photo park ye jin park ye jin nomakeup jpg cl image demi lovato without makeup her clear skin secrets