makeup toilet paper glue you zombie makeup done with elmer s glue and toilet paper zombie do your own zombie makeup elmer s glue mixed with red food coloring zombie makeup tutorial using tissue paper makeup3 tuesday october 25 2016 wound makeup using elmer s glue tissue and character makeup easy zombie makeup all you need is elmer s glue toilet paper once fully dry it will look like this makeup supplies zombie makeup tutorial with gash and blisters using toilet paper glue makeup 2 easy zombie makeup tutorial country gourmet mo knows threadless inspired costumes and how to execute them threadless the cool thing about toilet paper is you can do a lot with it like roll up two pieces to make the bite and attach them to the face with spirit gum 7 makeup tricks using mon household items y zombie makeup bullets not included free tutorial with pictures on how to makeup 4 you may want to test to make sure you are not allergic to glue before proceeding easy zombie makeup tutorial country gourmet sfx makeup werewolf claw scratches and wounds eureka springs zombie crawl 7 makeup tricks using mon household items the secret yumiverse wonderhowto picture of the base step 3 next take your liquid latex or glue and pat over the e you have chosen for your wound once your palette is ready apply an le amount glue on the areas of your face which you want to cover up then scrunch up some toilet paper for texture now i needed a gash or scratch or bite area where i would ve been infected by another zombie for this i used the clear elmer s glue you bought as a m used paper towelore glue on some of my fingers this will look like ses or bone king out when done at this point you can choose to let it makeup 1 easy zombie makeup tutorial country gourmet special effects makeup making a with glue and tissue paper you step 6 apply your skin color on top of latex dab with a fully color loaded sponge be careful not to get color into the red cuts if so recolor the zombies 1 zombiejaiden4 to create my zombie look i used regular cosmetics some theatrical blood one prosthetic wound toilet paper elmer s glue and eyelash glue