what elements make up the pound carbon dioxide carbon dioxide gives soda its fizz 17 atoms what elements make up chemical formulas represents the chemical makeup of a pound or molecule co2 how many a pound is always made up of two or more diffe types of atom 15 making a pound carbon dioxide carbon has four electrons in the outer ring and two in the inner ring making oxygen before life diagram of carbon atom nucleus with electrons orbiting carbon dioxide units conn one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms glucose is important for both humans and plants they both use glucose as an energy source glucose is particularly important to the human body because it carbon chemistry of life matter atoms elements pound molecule air is actually a collection of very small molecules oxygen gas and nitrogen gas are molecules made from two atoms each only the le gases readily exist water is not an element carbon dioxide is not an element oxygen atom molecules two or more atoms held together by carbon dioxide s nonflammable nature makes it useful in some fire extinguishers pounds all matter is made of elements but most elements in nature are found bined with other elements a pound is a pure substance made of two or diagram of carbon dioxide molecule two oxygen atoms joined to a carbon atom by double ball and stick model of carbon dioxide the chemical name tells you what elements make up the pound carbon and two you premium the hydrogen molecule h subscript 2 is shown as two small white a e filling model of a carbon dioxide molecule with plus signs near its carbon dioxide is made up 5 the air around you mixtures of atomolecules make up the atmosphere atoms are the smallest unit of a chemical element that can exist by itself a carbon dioxide molecule is made up of two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom mixture of two pounds cartoon of co2 molecule with carbon atom scrunching up its face trying to lift with here are 10 gases that make up clean air in order of highest to lowest concentration they are nitrogen oxygen argon carbon dioxide neon helium the main elements that pose the human body are shown from most abundant by m not by fraction of atoms to least abundant che166 s15 lehman how many atoms are in 10 grams of carbon dioxide carbon 69 chapter snc 1d1 putting atoms together synthesis molecules most substances are not made up recipe for plant growth this 2 2 imageco2 jpg carbon dioxide question the vibrations of a carbon dioxide co2 molecule can be modeled as though the three atoms that m co2 structure two images are shown and labeled carbon dioxide and iodine the atoms that make up carbon dioxide and water we made a carbon dioxide atom with 1 carbon brown pompom and 2 oxygen blue pompoms carbon reacting with oxygen to form carbon monoxide