demographics of public and selective public high s excerpt 160311 charts s boston guest in fact new york city public s are among the most segregated in the nation but why these are 20 of the most white dominant high s in new york city the bar at the top represents the racial makeup of all public students total potion by race and hispanic origin rockland county the diminishing number of black students at nyc selective high s gifted cl imbalance courtesy of the new s center for new york city affairs this shift in the nation s racial and ethnic makeup poses challenges for the country s racial divide improved data on northeast region metro areas from diversitydata i thought i was taking algebra but it was really pre algebra the racial and ethnic gap in new york s gateway courses following are highlights of the past year in homelessness in new york city editor s note the report tracing changes in achievement gaps by race gender in new york city public s with its charts is available here household public benefit receipt among low ine children in new york 2004 while the goal may not be a precise 1 1 ratio it is troubling that such a wide gulf exists between literature and reality hispanic enrollment in nc public s 1989 to 2016 potential effect of misclification of plausible values as biologically implausible on severe obesity prevalence by harding for one refuses to insert diversity into his syllabus merely as a n he doesn t have to harding teaches what he calls the new canon new data ysis shows racial disparities in s response to students in emotional crisis in new york the average private clearly serves a very diffe ethnic and racial clientele than the average public overall only 15 percent of new york i noticed a difference in the quality of the resources not too many resources in the bronx she said and we have quite a few resources at this pdf parison of health and social characteristics of people leaving new york city jails by age gender and race ethnicity implications for public brooklyn racial map 585x506 nyc housing 10 issues series 8 priority for homeless families a new report from the research alliance for new york city s at the steinhardt of culture education and human development at new york fbi memes and new york seeking information mukhammadzoir kadirov new york city pdf a great benefits us all advaned pas and the gentrification of an urban public household public benefit receipt among low ine children with emplo pas in new york pdf self reported hypertension and race among hispanic and non hispanic s the new york city munity health survey race in the united states 400 years curriculum disruption table 1 how many black designers can you name if any how many are household names tracy reese b michael editor julee wilson of the huffington post asked to a he is not folding the way so many leaders do when challenged on race whew things are going to be interesting pic twitter z2cxovo7uc with support from a 2 year 200 000 grant from the w k kellogg foundation erase racism inc of long island new york has begun the next se of a archives for june 2016