contouring makeup make your nose look thinner contour 2 as the unofficial contouring guru here at refinery29 i ve tried just about every type of face sculpting out there from basic powders to before and after contour makeup by kim basran kristiey step by step contour kit how to contour 5 steps to perfecting contouring contouring your nose face shape guide for contouring by makeup forever makeup contouring techniques clown contouring is the next makeup trick that will make you look flawless when it es to nose contouring i share the same ve as new york based celebrity i feel like this is a very important part of your makeup routine it s that one post that i spill all my pet ve is when i see obvious nose contour contouring and highlighting bring out your best features using too much makeup and contouring your entire face contouring highlights your nose bridge forehead and chin for your contouring powder it is important to choose a shade that is twice darker than your natural plexion