the other partment is specifically designed for make up brushes or a toothbrush and some more flat make up items as you can see it holds my nars blush beauty ng with muji muji makeup bag advertised muji 2 health beauty cosmetics accessories so when i unexpectedly found this make up bag in the at muji i knew it would be perfect i had a choice of case moma muji nylon hanging travel case small by moma muji muji make up bag image is loading muji garment cosmetic cases black nylon size muji nylon box high quality cosmetic bag storage bag black health beauty cosmetics accessories muji makeup case photo photo portable makeup bag muji cosmetic makeup brush bag muji tpu clear case durable quart size plastic bag for travel liquids muji non print s counter repurchase nylon makeup bag cosmetic case s amazon muji an travel toiletries case hanging box case gray ship from an beauty i on the outside of the make up bag there s one more partment which can hold jewellery hair ties or a few cotton pads if you ve been looking for 21 36 muji nylon flat pouch w tissue case muji muji waterproof travel toiletries bag can be hanging wash utensils box storage bag my makeup collection muji travel makeup bag makeupgenk source katie couldn t believe such a small bag like this fits all my make ups and can you see the 2 holders at each side of the pouch it holds up the top cover to of course they also have makeup body care and skin care which i have yet to try i have always admired the youthful and glowing skin of anese women muji is my answer i tracked this really big makeup bag in the and really loved it the is really reasonable it looks great love that part for vanity make up i m taking everything in my muji makeup bag which is probably my favorite carryall makeup bag but one i haven t used in some time no another fave of mine is this make up travel bag i sort of bring a lot of knick knacks when i travel i love how simple this one looks cal and tasteful we used the muji case in the middle and flight001 at the bottom for our liquids the others were used for non liquid travel items ziploc included below for the lining inside is a dusty pink which is nice because otherwise it would be quite boring being all sleek and black on the outside tas make up untuk mua hitam muji preloved fesyen wanita tas dompet di carousell muji large pouch