color wheel for exle on the chart shown above red is directly across from green on the color wheel the color green will neutralize the color red how to use the hair color wheel mua pro base prime conceal colour wheel how to apply concealer colour correcting correctors work as per the colour wheel so if you have purple imperfections use a concealer wheel between concealer camouflage color corrector and cover up makeup color wheel max factor colour corrector cc sticks neutralising pen concealers best new beauty s 2016 makeup tip 7 neutralizing dark circles neutralizing colors are colors that appear opposite on the color wheel for exle blue neutralizes orange green neutralized red and so on green sits opposite of red and will cancel it out same with orange which sits opposite of blue the color orange will cancel out blue color wheel neautralizer wheel how to use color correctors green peach yellow well that s pretty much how a colour correcting wheel works so colours that are opposite one another end up cancelling each other out as we demonstrate color wheel unled 1 colour correction the makeup artist secret to perfect looking skin pro base correcting wheel color corrector wheel makeup color wheel no cover makeup color correction color wheel makeup corrector mugeek vidalondon makeup revolution ultra base corrector palette  6 the colour wheel helps makeup artists identify what colour corrector to apply whichever color you wish to conceal neutralize redness dark circles etc find it on the color wheel and then trace your finger directly across how does color correcting makeup work makeup 101 colour theory make up artistry by tommy beauty pro simplifying color correcting colour wheel simplifying makeup we may be tempted to simply use concealer to hide blemishes and imperfections but the best most natural looking way to make them disappear is to use confused about color correction through to get your color correcting cheat sheet and find makeup meetups where it s pretty much free education networking inspiration amongst fellow mua junkies i thought i d do a recap on the cl since this makeup color wheel ben nye 4 colour corrector wheel s b neutralizer wheel concealer color wheel color correction does have to do with color theory remember the color wheel you learned in art cl it sets the premise of color correction color correcting color theory 101 the basics of color correction morphe 6c colour corrector wheel colour correcting 101 but smashbox has made it simple for their customers in having this colour correcting wheel so it shows what colour you need to use in order to cover your