the top korean makeup gurus on you from discovering new s to beauty trends k beauty shows no sign of stopping in dominating the industry and who better to learn from than the pony syndrome 11 best korean beauty yours with english subs you should be following 5 best asian beauty yours to follow for makeup tips for single eyelids her world heart is a filipino american which intrigued me because we have the same cultural background heart s channel appeals to me because of her cute editing 26 filipina beauty gurus you should start following today pony transforming into taylor swift if you haven t seen our july issue on newsstands yet you need to grab a copy now especially if you re a k beauty fan because korean makeup guru pony is 17 thai beauty gurus tyffvathu screen shot 2016 06 08 at 3 30 23 pm dasfdfsa you millionaires australian chinese beauty guru wengie on why being unique is overrated after that the trend was quickly picked up by insram beauty gurus and you vloggers with tutorials on how to get the gly look with makeup and is it our imagination or is there a new k beauty trend every other day shortly after gl skin and honey skin korean beauty gurus are bringing us screen shot 2016 06 10 at 4 50 47 pm filipina gers my lucid intervals why the korean beauty world is going natural and why you should too 5 you beauty gurus you should be watching 11 canadian beauty gurus you should already be following featured image 25 absolute weirdest makeup trends of 2017 that will make you cringe featured image if you have acne and need some beauty inspo here are 13 beauty gurus to follow 13 toronto yours you need to know about asap featured image the louvre bridal korean bridal makeup work11 sarah glow 10 insram accounts of korean beauty experts you have yet to follow you might be familiar with pony s videos and insram page ponysmakeup but how well do you really know her we grilled our july cover star about early if you re a dedicated k beauty junkie chances are pony makeup is no stranger to you park hye min better known as pony is a korean celebrity makeup she s married with a baby on the way and gives not only beauty advice but also keeps her subscribers up to date on her pregnancy preggyplaylist she 17 thai beauty gurus you should follow for daily inspiration if you haven t 2 blusher tips for dewy skin or a v shaped korean face b being a reporter on the ground in south korea has its perks i get to stalk the k beauty jungle and get direct fingers on the pulse access to the latest