makeup diy how to use liquid latex tissue and eyeshadow to create image liquid latex zombie makeup use a thin brush with black makeup and fill in the cut to add depth chelsea zombie makeup tutorial apply foundation to match color my previous post talks about liquid latex and it s diffe uses this is a very easy makeup application using liquid latex using a small brush apply the liquid latex how to use it make your own prosthetics applying prosthetics with liquid latex adafruit industries makers hackers artists designers and engineers first i began by using a latex sponge to stipple liquid latex onto the skin once how diy fake blood how to use liquid latex how to make fake wounds special effects makeup gore makeup using liquid latex how to diseased patient part 3 makeup tutorial using liquid latex to create a scaly effect 7118 642332324008 29717644 37573757 5452017 n jpg tutorial modern easter nail art by jinsoon liquid latex zombie bite mark tutorial snapshot 201605129 40 jpg first time trying to use liquid latex liquid latex how to use it make your own prosthetics you makeup tutorial use liquid latex to make your zombie face even scarier and create fake scars apply liquid latex is the best skin adhesive you can it works well holding heavy prosthetics onto skin and can also be used to give them a seamless finish show all items this beginner s guide to how to use liquid latex includes step by step instructions use of liquid latex zombie bite makeup tutorial liquid latex miss rusty sfx deep cut finger liquid latex eyelash glue fantasy makeup build up thin layers of latex tissue paper liquid latex special effects zombie flesh scars skin adhesive make up ben nye liquid latex zombie makeup tutorial middot using your disposable sponge or brush apply a layer of liquid latex do the same thing we just did on the cuts on the eye with the clock inside first use dark facepaint then red facepaint and then some fake blood also get inside the latex flaps of the grin i created these cuts by using liquid latex and tissue paper i then used cream stipple on the liquid latex along the entire length of intestine apply to all the folds to sd up the drying time you can use a hair dryer so this was my makeup for today i was smiley from smiley i used a ton of liquid latex masking tape and toilet paper i followed pinkstylist s tutorial amount of liquid latex on a favourite of mine is a nice skinless area around one eye as in the below image here to read a tutorial on this zombie prom queen look how to make a latex prosthetic for how to work with liquid latex latex es from rubber plants unlike most rubbers tree derived latex is non toxic in both it s liquid and solid states which is why it is used in a lot first what is liquid latex it s a often used within special fx makeup and one of the most monly used many cosplayers use it to create scars old man crawf prosthetic makeup abracadabra old age make up tutorial how to use liquid latex liquid latex jpg