photo steven pan boyfriends see their friends without makeup mitten d amour mittendamour foundation blush and bronzer might look nice but underneath the surface these tiny makeup particles aculate in our pores with each wear 6 glamour editors wore no makeup for a week here s what happened glamour the more makeup we use the more toxins we re putting on our faces not to mention all the gross stuff that builds up on our makeup brushes that we know alicia keys had the best response when adam levine called her out for supposedly using makeup glamour wedding makeup you need these 17 tips if you re doing your own wedding day makeup how to look beautiful without makeup no makeup beauty tips 6 glamour editors wore no makeup for a week here s what happened glamour i followed viral asian makeup transformations bottom line if she looks good with her hair up eating chinese food and wearing sweat pants then she doesn t need makeup 3 reasons why you re ugly to men no matter how much makeup you wear you photo emily kemp makeup messes with our skin s natural cell renewal process which can wreak havoc on the skin especially on those nights when we re too tired to wash the makeup can either enhance or defile natural beauty so when in doubt less is more all three of my las my wife and two age daughters are naturally beautiful so i like when they wear no makeup or just something to highlight their although it may sound counterintuitive the same makeup that you re using to cover up wrinkles and blemishes may be making them worse says dermatologist