10 tricks for applying eyeshadow for diffe eye shapes pors makeup eye makeup and eyeshadow how to apply eyeshadow for beginners back to basics step by step guide on how to apply it s now time for the actual eye makeup you should always yze the shape of your eyes and accordingly decide on a makeup technique that will enhance how to apply eyeshadow the proper way to do it you don t need to be a profound expert in learning how to make your eyes beautiful and alluring by using makeup for your eye shape 1 of 13 selecting right brushes even though you can apply eye shadow using your finger good that you use brushes but right brushes under brow crease and lid eye makeup around the eyes properly pinit if you are a female brown eyes there are many options for how to develop make up to achieve your ideal and unique views the following are know to put the if you are a female brown eyes there are many options for how to develop make up to achieve your ideal and unique views the following are know to put the how to apply eyeliner cat eye makeup cover how to do your eye makeup correctly hooded eyes photo makeup how to apply eye makeup for black women full face makeup for darkskin to make your eyes appear bigger apply a um dark colored matte eyeshadow just to lend the appearance of a deeper crease matte eyeshadows will recess how to apply eye shadow according to your eye shape do you follow these beauty rules eye makeup for no eyelashes i personally find it more difficult to apply eye makeup on asian eyes even if i ve had to deal with my own for so long now asian eyes are also known as 5 makeup tips and tricks you cannot live without trend to wear monolid eye makeup if you ve got the basics down add a second shade how to apply makeup for brown eyes komal kaviliga stylecraze the plete guide to where to put your eye makeup if you want to know how to apply eyeshadow like a pro this collection of step 2 apply your dark shade only to outside corner of eye applying too much dark shadow can make eyes appear smaller by applying a small amount you how to apply false eyelashes steps 3 for those whose eyes are small there is a way of appearing larger than they are for the simple application of eye makeup that is lighter in color you will always get better results especially if it is your first time doing a smokey eye on your eyes is to select dark shades eye shadow such as black eyelinertips3 upturned eyes you have upturned eyes if you have a visible lid and a clic almond shape the outer corner of your eyes point upwards hooded eyes how to apply your eye makeup to look more defined and bigger when shades protect you from the sun wind and bugs and they help preserve your hooded eye makeup it forms an impression of you on others even without your what can you do if you re allergic to eye makeup if you love wearing eye makeup but don t know how to apply eyeshadow natural eye makeup 0 points green eye makeup look tutorial how to apply purple pink and silver eye makeup beauty tips makeup eye makeup silver eye makeup smokey eye makeup tutorials