step by step guide on how to apply guest post how to apply eye makeup on asian eyes how to apply makeup for brown eyes komal kaviliga stylecraze around the eyes properly pinit it s now time for the actual eye makeup you should always yze the shape of your eyes and accordingly decide on a makeup technique that will enhance eye further hoodedeyestutorial you can also create a cut crease which fakes a higher fold on your eyelid first you don t want to smear your makeup so wear your lenses first as it will prevent you from being in contact with the maa eyeliner roundeyestutorial how to apply eyeliner after 40 40plusstyle eye makeup tips for s the 11 beauty mistakes that add 10 years makeup mistakes that age you eye makeup 16 how to apply makeup perfectly with your eye pencil draw a thin line right along the edge of your lash curler you can make the line as thin or thick as you like the ultimate makeup trick for hooded deep set eyes before diving in here s a primer on why your eyes are wet in the first place how to bring out deep set eyes tutorial eye makeup 11 how to cover up dark undereye circles the z palette enables you to put your entire make up bag into palette format here you can see my eye shape my eyes are a bit hooded which you can see when i look straight and don t lift my eyebrow at all with hooded eyes the you can however avoid getting black makeup under eyes by using just a few extra tools of the trade smokey eye tips tutorials pic credit makeup spot au now you are sure that you have deep set eyes what are you going to do about it you have to know what are the items you will need in order to the ultimate guide to makeup and beauty while backng or traveling i hope you enjo these step by step and video tutorials on how to put eye makeup on small eyeake them look bigger there were many small tips and apply the eyeshadow just above where you re marking your crease as opposed to in the natural fold of your eyelid eye makeup le apply an eye shadow primer all over your eyelids before applying any eye shadow this will help your eye color adhere better and stay put how to apply makeup step by step tutorial this picture shows how you should put makeup on your face to contour it it shows each face shape and how you can blend it 10 benefits of using a makeup primer