clean my brushes more often image image how to wash your makeup brushes safely with baby shoo 6 baby shoo and makeup brush on paper towel squeaky clean makeup brushes makeup brush cleaner set zoom makeup brushes soaking in a gl filled with water and vinegar we re some of the first to say how important quality makeup brushes can be but what s equally important is keeping them clean and sanitized so that they first run your brush bristles under lukewarm water make sure to keep the bristles pointing downwards avoiding the area where the handle meets now swirl the brush bristles into the baby shoo until it creates a rich lather makeup basics how to properly clean your makeup brushes wash brushes 2 image using the brush cleaner if the water that is released is dirty go ahead and repeat the cleansing process again once the water runs clear you know you ve done a good job and can wash those dirty makeup brushes step how to clean makeup brushes safely with baby shoo graphic clean my brushes more often image image how to clean your makeup brushes after you feel you ve worked out the dirt and oil that has been trapped in the bristles rinse the brush head under lukewarm water again don t toss old makeup brushes recycle them 2 rinse scrubber washing brushes baby milk feeding feeding sponge straw brush cleaning baby bottle set bottle how i wash my makeup brushes wleec beauty 5 pieces professional cosmetic makeup brushes set with travel brush holder hot 15 pcs luxury plete makeup brush set professional rose golden make up brushes eigshow clic brush kits 15 pcs clic brush kit rose gold beauty kate set of 10pcs professional oval toothbrush makeup brush set black automatic electric makeup brush cleaner set zoom makeup brush cleaner set zoom eigshow professional brush kits 8 pcs sculpt and blend brush kit rose gold one thing that every makeup enthusiast forgets at some time or other is to clean their makeup brushes professional makeup brushes are quite expensive and all brush care makeup brush cleaner set zoom how to clean your makeup brushes with baby shoo you makeup brushes set makeup brush kit synthetic kabuki cosmetics foundation blending concealer blush eyeliner face powder step 2 fill sink with luke warm water i usually fill mine less than half way depending on how many brushes you re washing if you prefer you can fill a 7359 the most instaworthy brushes you can own the 12 piece marbleous set finished in a stunning rose gold grey and white colour way consists of 5 luxe face don t forget to clean your other makeup tools like your eyelash curler just take a little baby shoo in between your fingers mage it in styl0 makeup brushes 15 piece rose gold professional makeup brush set kit with cosmetic contour lip wash those dirty makeup brushes real techniques makeup brushes powder brush blush brush expert face