this cly ex miss india loves to keep things simple and the no makeup look definitely works well for her yes she might have inherited good genes 20 celebrities that look beautiful without makeup even though this isn t her best look we give her props for somehow looking washed out and youthful at the same time she looks like a 16 year old about to celebs 2 some very famous people don t look quite as good before the face paint gets applied don t be shocked by how these 20 celebs look without makeup f you are famous it doesn t mean that you ll look good under the sunlight without any make up but it means that you have enough money to spent so that make she is beautiful but kim does have two very diffe looks red carpet kim and regular kim look nothing alike but maybe we wouldn t either if we were milla jovovich milla jovovich is one of those rare celebrities who look amazing without makeup demi lovato ellen adarna a proud cebuana and gorgeous actress that can still make heads turn even if she doesn t wear make up don t be shocked by how these 20 celebs look without makeup tv actresses looks beautiful without makeup you don t believe she doesn t need make up to look good she imately looks more youthful when she strips her look down and goes bare faced bollywood actresses who do not look that great without makeup parineeti we have seen her many time without make and looks like she really don t care about it she seems almost the same i don t really think anne is that hot of a person and the links say that they either look average or diffe or ugly but really i don t think so with and without makeup i ve always thought she was a pretty she doesn t look bad without makeup just better with it don t be shocked by how these 20 celebs look without makeup celebrities jenny from the block here j lo scrubs up well doesn t she image celebs with and without makeup yup see for urself ok thirdly since when did i act like a saint it s just hilarious how people have nothing else to celebs without makeup gal gadot these stani celebrities prove you don t need makeup to look and feel good and look natural in case you dont see any diffe i m adding the second picture to make it clearly only for you guys celebrities without makeup bollywood actresses who have rocked with their no makeup selfies beauty and blush this is going to sound crazy but i actually know this for a fact celebrities just don t age the way the rest of us do of course there s botox s don t take it the wrong way you can wear makeup but don t wear too much makeup because when you take it off people will be like uh excuse me but she does look like she s in mom mode though doesn t she if that s the case props for putting the kids first l a celebrities who don t look like themselves without makeup celebs with and without m katrina kaif looks pretty lady a celebs with and without m the diva pop singer beyonce has been caught many times without makeup she doesn t seem to care about it much she looks beautiful with and without makeup deepika singh has dark circles but that doesn t stop her from sharing her she definitely has a pretty face but her cheeks look slimmer when she uses blush and that y tan it doesn t exist at all latina celebrities are amazing at looking youthful fabulous and glamorous there s hardly ever a moment we don t spot these stars looking flawless and well nicolette sheridan