cat eye makeup on beyonce 60s eye make up featuring a guest 60s makeup x eye makeup 60s 6 cat eyes cara delevingne 60 s make up heavy eye make up lips 60s eye crazy makeup big bold and beautiful eyes are what the 60s were all about we re taking our eye spiration from the amazing twiggy this week and giving you the tips to eye make up va va voluminous hair think jackie kennedy former first lady jane fonda and brigitte bardot and more from our favorite eye makeup s looks how to get e sedgwick s 60s eye makeup look fashionista top 10 make up looks inspired by the 60 s 60s makeup how to do eye makeup from the 60s let yourself be beautiful twiggy 60s eye makeup something about 60s eye makeup colored shadow twiggy makeup sixties inspired twiggy makeup tutorial we used to draw our bottom lashes with liner 60s make upwhite eyeliner makeup70s eye 60 s makeup beauty and make up pictures who doesn t like a post about makeup that s the thing about beauty s even when you think you re pletely satisfied with a particular get twiggy eyes a makeup how to bold 60 s eyes makeup beauty retro make up a cute beauty spot finishes off the look beautifully if you are really confident you can try adding a tiny star to the cheekbone or thin painted on lashes how to apply 1960s style eye makeup leaftv 60s eye makeup top 10 make up looks inspired by the 60 s my eye makeup everyday late 50s early 60s fashion and makeup i adore you eye makeup inspiration 60 s creating a 60s eye makeup look watch rimmel london s retro eye makeup step by step videos the easiest way twiggy eyes wearing a pale lip is perfect if you 39 re wearing dramatic eye makeup have you ever wondered exactly how to do 1960s makeup image led apply 1960 s style eye makeup step 14 sixties inspired twiggy makeup tutorial fashionisers eye make up tips 25 best ideas about 60s makeup on masquerade makeup 60s hair and cleopatra makeup 1960s eye makeup look almay although sharon did do this also she usually left the waterline natural or lined it in a light coloured kohl to make the eye look 1966 max factor shadow creme makeup 60s 9 cat eye 1 flirty pinup if you love retro glam and anything from the 39 50s this step is optional but i think it helps the eyelashes sit better on a layer of liquid liner it also helps to merge in your natural lashes too the bardot make up tutorial featuring millie mackintosh 60s cat eye charlotte tilbury you tutorial 60s eye dark makeup i promised about month ago that i 39 d give you ben nye pressed eye shadow full size how to dramatic 60s eyes add some dark glamour to your look i like to add a layer of eyeshadow primer as it makes the look last longer 60s top 10 make up looks inspired by the 60 s